I am worried that Canada is closing for business.

Despite the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion receiving the approval of the federal government, its fate hangs in the balance due to excessive delays.

The threat of seeing the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion cancelled will put a further chill on international investment into Canada.

There is a bill in the House of Commons today, Bill S-245, that would assert your government’s authority to get this pipeline built. I’m asking that you make sure that legislation gets passed.

When we don’t export Canadian energy, we lose jobs across Canada.

RBC’s CEO has warned that investment dollars are already flowing out of Canada in “real time.” If we can’t get this project built, it will send the message that Canada is not a friendly place to invest. The stakes are too high to let another nation-building project fail.

I am asking that you also openly show your support for Trans Mountain and state its critical importance to our economy.

This project will create thousands of jobs right across the country and generate billions of dollars for all levels of government to provide critical services.

I believe you need to clearly state to the B.C. government that their actions to delay the pipeline are not acceptable and the federal government will put an end to them.

Time is running out. As an elected official, it’s time you stand by Canadian workers and ensure this pipeline gets built.

I look forward to your reply,